100% True facts about america*
stuff that is different that you might not expect
in a very coherant order

*may not acutually be 100 true.

  • Crisps are called chips.
  • "Crisps" don't come in little bags, you can only buy huge ones
  • Cars are a lot bigger and they all look the same
  • They don't have supermini cars
  • Juice comes in cool super huge containers
  • There really are McDonalds and Starbucks everywhere
  • President Bush really does look like a monkey
  • They don't have Branston Pickle, but they do have Heinz tomato ketchup
  • Thanksgiving rules, it's like an excuse for another little Christmas. This makes up for the fact that:
  • American christmas lacks mince pies, chocolate advent calanders, christmas crackers or christmas pudding!
  • Cheerleaders are really tall
  • Basketball players are really tall
  • Chipmunks are really small
  • All news papers have loads of pages of comic strips and they rule
  • It's usually sunny
  • All the houses are made of timber frame
  • They don't know the meaning of "Taking the piss" or "Taking the mickey"
  • There are adverts on TV all the time
  • There really are hundreds of TV channels
  • The telephones ring really slowly, like "brrrrring....................................................brrrrrring.................................."
  • The country is really big
  • People don't know what Scotland or Wales are
  • People talk to themselves on the metro(American for underground) or in shops
  • They don't say flat, they say apartment
  • Kick ass snow, and lots of it
  • Maryland is pronounced   marr-uuuh-lind
  • Hyattsville is pronounced hi-its-ville
  • Like, people say, like, like at least, like, four times in a sentance.
  • American indie chicks are really cute
  • Not being in a fraternity or soriourity makes you feel rebellious
  • Trainers are called sneakers, even when people arent being sneaky
  • You pronounce Z   "zeee"
  • Everything is more spaced out
  • Lots of American flags and bumper stickers